We are not things.

This body of work seeks to reclaim every cat call, tongue slurp, aroused grunt, and unsolicited grab spewed into existence then thrown onto another human. Whether deliberately exaggerated, androgynous, or representative, the female narrative lies predominantly at the forefront as personal histories of abuse are visually narrated. Accounts of misogynistic behaviors will be opposed with playfully sarcastic humor and hyperbole while questioning whether pure and authentic comraderies can exist amongst unfamiliar individuals, whether fleeting or longstanding, without anxieties of ulterior motives. Presented as objectified beings through themes of cynical submission then self-realization and courageous independence, this work employs itself to challenge and obliterate the expected androcentric social, political, economic, religious, and sexual role of a female living in today’s America.

An underlining vulnerability lies not only within the subject matter, which seeks to transform trauma of past experiences, but in the technical execution of the work as well. This is reflected in the choice of color palette and the incorporation of new materials and methods such as resin, fiber, wood relief, and digital media utilized in a playful and carefree manner. This radical development occurred when confronting the sometimes upsetting realities that provided the background context of this new work through persistent refusal of fear and insecurity, ultimately allowing for growth.